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Fankim Kimyevi Maddeler was established in 1993.

Our company produces products for automotive subcontractors, textile and leather industry in Istanbul. Our synthesis products with multi-purpose reactors have an annual capacity of 3.000 mt.

With our other mixing units, our total production capacity is 10.000 mt per year.

In addition, we represent and distribute the international chemical organizations which are detailed under the title Representations.

Beyin fırtınası

Administrative Policy

To be an international company which is sensitive to environmental regulations and laws by adding new ones to existing products within the framework of mold release and surface active product group. 


As a result of data analysis and changes in conditions; to continuously improve our products, processes, employees and working environment and adopt as a corporate culture.


With risk-based process approach model and measurability principle; to use our resources effectively and efficiently and to ensure the continuity of the processes.


In order to increase customer satisfaction; create a transparent, accessible and solution-oriented process for suggestions, complaints and feedback.


To protect natural resources for prevention of pollution and to use them in the most efficient way, to dispose of our wastes without environmental damage.


To take measures to minimize the risks of ISG, to ensure the prevention of injuries and health deterioration.


To comply with the rules of quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system and to improve its effectiveness continuously. 


It is our commitment to be a honest, principled and trusted company in our commercial and social relations.


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