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Wallchemie's standard products are divided into product groups with their most important technical key figures.


These product groups include


non-ionic surfactants based on: Fatty alcohols, Fatty acids, Triglycerides and, Fatty amines


and anionic surfactants such as: Alkylbenzene sulfonate, Sulfosuccinates, phosphoric acid esters


cationic surfactants such as : Fatty amine polyglycol ethers

and others such as: Fatty acid alkanolamides


In addition to the product groups, you will also find here our recommendations about the suitability of the products for certain applications and areas of use. The multiple application possibilities of the products cover a broad range of application areas:


  • Lubricant, plastic and construction industry

  • Detergent and cleaning product industry

  • Feed and food industry

  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry

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